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Meet our Team of Automotive Specialists

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  • Edward Hyde
    Dealer Principal

    Edward is dealer principal of Legacy Nissan, as well as Legacy Ford Lincoln and Legacy Chevrolet GMC. Other businesses in his Legacy Automotive Network include Legacy Auto Store, Legacy Detail and Tint, and Legacy Collision Center. An enthusiast of all things regarding transportation, Edward has a pilot's license and serves on London-Corbin Airport's board of directors. He also holds several board positions in the automotive industry, including the Nissan Dealer Advisory Board, a peer-elected post. He grew up in Barbourville, Ky., and now lives in London with his wife, Karen, who serves as Legacy's controller. They have four sons, Michael Ryan, Gabriel, Zachary and Brayden.

  • Charlotte Creech
    Client Advocate

    As client advocate, Charlotte's job is to go to bat for our customers-to assure you're treated fairly and that promises are kept. Also known as our chief troubleshooter, she's your go-to person whenever you have an issue or question about any service or product we offer. Charlotte has your back. And as Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing." We're proud to have her on our team, as she personifies our commitment to customer service that earns your trust and loyalty. Her position is a rare one at car dealerships. We know of no other who fills this role in a full-time capacity. Charlotte and her husband, Don, live in London, Ky., and have five children. 

  • Arvil Croley
    Internet Director

    Arvil is the go-to man when our computers aren't cooperating or if we need digital accounts set up. But he's way more than that. Arvil designed our websites with a user friendly architecture so you can quickly and easily find what you're looking for. It's always a work in progress, and he's committed to it.

  • Amanda Gilliam
    Rental Agent

    Managing rental cars requires a sharp mind to work out logistics and the ability to multi-task by toggling between various forms of technology. It can be overwhelming at times. To recharge for work, Amanda enjoys life without constant digital connectedness at her private Walden: a 110-acre farm near London, Ky., with two large gardens, two ponds, cows and a pet horse named Oat. Amanda lives there with her husband, Nathan Lawson, who also loves all things outdoors.

  • Eddie Hyde
    Inventory Purchasing Agent

    Eddie spends most of his days buying vehicles, keeping our inventory fresh. But occasionally, he takes on extra projects that help us stand out from the crowd. For example, he designed and built not one, but two, photography studios expressly for vehicles.They feature a motor-driven, movable semicircle wall that creates a clean, professional background for each exterior shot. You can't buy one of those off the shelf. Eddie and his wife, Tina, live in Corbin, Ky. They have five children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. And before you ask, yes-one of the children referenced is Edward Hyde, Legacy's owner.

  • BG Hutton
    Used Car Manager

    B.G., his wife and three children now live in Corbin, Ky., after recently relocating from Florida, where they lived for several years. With a healthy group of family and friends nearby, they're happy to be back in Kentucky. The one thing B.G. misses, however, is fishing in Tampa's Lake Byrd. That's where he caught three 10-pound bass in a single day. Anyone who can do that deserves a trophy. That's why B.G. had one mounted, and it now hangs on his living room wall.

  • Austin Hyde
    Finance Manager

    Austin works in an office dealing with numbers and insurance all day. Based on this, can you guess what he did before coming to Legacy? No, he wasn't an accountant or a banker. He was a 15 D helicopter power train technician for the AH-64D, also known as the Longbow Apache. After six years in the Army, including a stint overseas where he kept the machine flying by completely rebuilding the power train every 500 hours, he decided he was ready for something exciting. Austin and his wife, Amanda, live in Corbin, Ky., and have two daughters, Hannah and Allie.

  • Bobby Kidd
    Finance Director

    Bobby has worked in the automotive industry for over 25 years, 22 of which have been focused mainly on finance. He directs finance managers at all Legacy locations. His only source of angst is derived from the off days he spends on the golf course making failed attempts to recapture his glory as a 15-year-old making a hole-in-one on No. 4 at London Country Club. That par three will haunt him until he relives the magic. Bobby and his wife, Kim, live in London, Ky., with their son, Brooks.

  • Bryan Roberts
    Finance Manager

    Bryan is an avid collector of sports memorabilia. He keeps an eye on trade websites like the Upper Deck, Craigslist and eBay to gauge the pulse of the market and discover elusive items-those he might keep under lock and key until a special occasion inspires him to show them off. One such item is his Michael Jordan graded rookie card from 1986, the first year basketball cards for His Airness were officially licensed. How much is it worth? Bryan's not talking. He and his wife, Liberty, live in London, Ky., with their daughter, Eleanor. 

  • Jake Smith
    Sales Manager

    When Jake joined Legacy in 2006, his main responsibility was cleaning vehicles. Today, he's a key member of our management team. His work ethic is a testament to Legacy's values, so we're always proud to talk about his career with us. Plus, he enjoys tinkering around with muscle cars, which is pretty cool, too. Jake and his wife, Bridget, live in London, Ky., with their two daughters and son.

  • Stephen Barnett
    Product Specialist, Fleet

    Stephen is our very first product specialist who sells nothing but fleet vehicles. He and his wife, Sondra, live in London, Ky. They have one son named Quinton and a granddaughter named Isabella.

  • Kevin Collins
    Product Specialist

    Kevin lives in London, Ky., with his wife, Sidney, and their three children. He likes to fish and spend time with his family when he's not at work. 

  • Rudi Grentz
    Product Specialist

    Rudi likes to play basketball. And based on his stature, we're pretty sure he's good at it. He also loves 90s alternative rock, which isn't as obvious as the basketball thing. Rudi has two sons and lives in the London, Ky., area. 

  • Dustin Hammons
    Product Specialist

    Before joining the team at Legacy, Dustin was a cabinet maker tasked with selling them, too. Now that he doesn't concentrate on manufacturing, he has a little more time for leisure activities he enjoys, such as motorcycle riding, hunting and fishing. Dustin lives in Lily, Ky.

  • Darryl Roberts
    Product Specialist

    Darryl is an four-wheeling enthusiast. He loves to engage in the activity, and he enjoys talking about it. Every so often, his talking about it actually leads to expanded opportunities for enjoying it. For example, he struck up a conversation with a customer who happened to work with a local tourism agency. As a result, he learned about Camp Wildcat ATV Park in East Bernstadt, which is now one of his favorite riding spots. Darryl is married to the former Angela Johns, and they live in London, Ky., with daughters Layla and Jaylee.

  • Hunter Swanner
    Product Specialist

    Hunter is from London, Ky., and enjoys weight lifting and basketball-both playing and watching. His favorite teams are San Antonio Spurs and (as you might have guessed) the Kentucky Wildcats. 

  • Amanda Sparkman
    Customer Relations Representative

    Amanda loves crafting and DIY projects in her spare time. Originally from Wisconsin, Amanda is now a Kentuckian with her husband, Doug, and preschool daughter.

  • Alesia Bernardo
    Customer Relations Manager

    You might meet Alesia on the phone, or you might meet her on our website through a live chat. But either way, she's here to help you discover what you need. Alesia lives in Corbin and has a son and a daughter, Tony and Katie. 

  • Amy Reynolds
    Customer Relations Manager

    If your first contact with our dealership is online or on the phone, it's possible that Amy helped shape your first impression. We're happy about that because she has such a cheery, upbeat personality that shines through whether she's communicating by voice or text. Amy and her husband, David, live in Clay County with their sons, Garrett and Greyson.

  • Chris Nicely
    Parts Manager

    Chris is married with seven children. That's five girls and two boys, ages six through 20. Can you imagine what it's like making a choice on family movie night? We suspect the six-year-old wins. In his spare time, Chris enjoys traveling and camping with his family. 

  • Charles Mills
    Parts Associate

    When Charles isn't at work, he's still at work. With about 350 acres to maintain, it's not hard to understand why. On his land in Knox County, he has walking horses and lots of grass-fed cattle for angus beef, some of which he keeps and some he sells. Charles and his wife, Christy, live in Flat Lick, Ky., with their two sons, Cage and Liam.

  • David Byrd

    David is from London, Ky., and went to school at both South Laurel High School and Eastern Kentucky University. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing on Laurel Lake. 

  • Casey Profitt
    Master Technician

    As Legacy Nissan's first master technician, Casey is a valuable member of our team. Only about 20 percent of Nissan's technicians rise to this level after rigorous training that typically takes about two years to complete. Casey completed his training in a fraction of the time. He has one son, Jaxon, and lives in Corbin, Ky.

  • Anthony Reynolds

    There are but a privileged few who know why Anthony is more commonly known as Batman. Since this writer is not one of them, this bio will cover the basics: Anthony lives in Gotham City...wait. No. He lives in East Bernstadt with his wife, Kimberly, and their three children, Brittany, Haley and Tanner. 

  • BJ Summers
    Master Technician

    BJ is one of our master technicians, as you can see by his job title. But you may not know that this designates him as having the highest level of skills and education recognized by Nissan. We're proud to have him on our team. BJ and his wife, Jeannea, live in Anvill, Ky., and have three sons. 

  • Arville Perry
    Detail and Tint Center Manager

    If you see Arville out and about, he'll probably be driving his 1964 Impala that he restored after a substantial commitment of his time (about four years) and money (that's none of our business). Next year, who knows? By then, he might have accepted a new personal challenge to customize and restore another classic. So it's safe to say he's passionate about vehicles. Arville and his wife, Whitney, live in London, Ky., with their daughter, Raylee, and son, Rayden.

  • Blake Phelps
    Tint and Paint Protection Specialist

    Blake lives in London, Ky., where he grew up. And now he works in his hometown with one of his oldest childhood friends, Michael Ryan Cornett. They're a good team. 

  • Dale Shoopman

    Dale has worked in detail for over 15 years, which makes him one of our most experienced employees. A native of Tennessee, Dale has two daughters and enjoys bike touring on his Harley in his spare time.

  • Eugene Sullivan

    Eugene lives in Corbin, Ky., and has three sons. When not at work, he enjoys hunting. 

  • Brian Thomas

    When Brian isn't at work, he enjoys hanging out with his son, Ryan, on Sundays, especially during football season when the Dallas Cowboys are playing. Brian lives in London, Ky.

  • Doyle Frazier
    Collision Repair Specialist

  • Brad Tipton
    Collision Repair Specialist

    Brad is the perfect picture of a well-rounded person. He likes to hunt, fish and do other outdoor activities, and if you put a guitar in his hands, he can play it-electric or acoustic. He has two sons and lives in Manchester, Ky.